• No need to take your eyes off the road anymore.

    Drive safer, smarter, and into the future

  • First head-up display that

    works perfectly in the daytime

    Carloudy uses natural sunlight to reflect the

    image on your windshield during the day.

    And at night

    With high contrast background lighting,

    Carloudy makes it easy to drive at night.

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  • Connected via Bluetooth.

    Supports iPhone 4S+ and Android 4.4+

    Reflects image onto your windshield

    So no matter how bright it is, you can keep on navigating


    Carloudy interprets what you need and delivers the relevant information.

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    Carloudy answers all of your questions on the road

    Where should I park? Where is the nearest gas station?

    Are there any places to eat around here?

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    Integrates Apps that you love

    The system utilizes existing applications on your phone like Google Maps. Our Carloudy app is also integrated with other APIs such as Yelp, ParkWhiz, etc.

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    Product Specs

    6.0 inch, high-definition, high-contrast, semi-transparent display on the windshield


    Ambient light sensor


    High-precision, multi-level LED light


    Ultra-low power ARM processor and Bluetooth architecture


    WiFi enabled


    Micro-USB port


    High Capacity Battery


    Supports iPhone4S or later models, Android phones with Bluetooth and Android 4.4+ (Google Maps required)


    Dimensions: 6.57 in x 5.16 in x 0.39 in


    Weight: 0.55 lbs


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    The story behind the innovation


    Why did we create Carloudy?

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    Multiple U.S., Chinese and

    International Patents Pending

    Our dream is to bring Carloudy to everyone around the world who wants to simplify the way they engage with their cell phones while driving, yet have even more options and control.

  • Get Carloudy

    Public BETA for ships NOW within Continental United States!